Scholarly con­tri­bu­tions and monographs.

Alter­native cre­ative methodologies

Issue 01 — Fall 2023 — Session 07
Iberian Nights — 1: Lit­er­ature and Survival
Published on October 22, 2023
In 2013, reading from Bernal Díaz del Castillo’s His­toria ver­dadera de la Con­quista de la Nueva España, for a graduate seminar about colonial cities and fes­tivals led by my soon-to-be adviser, Lisa Voigt, I came across a line – just one line – that men­tions a pro­cession of “more than fifty” Black men, women, and children led by “their king and queen.” Intrigued by this passage, I began the research that ulti­mately led to my first book, Sov­ereign Joy: Afro-Mexican Kings and Queens, 1539–1640.

Per­forming Law — Peters

Issue 09 — Spring 2023 — Session 01
Published on February 20, 2023
I will start in medias res with an incident that doesn’t appear in my book but might have: a witch­craft epi­demic in Basque country in 1612.