Collections of articles from scholars, students, and guests featuring readings, videocasts, and other resources about each seminar session.

Law as Perfomance

Issue 09 — Spring 2023
The affinity between Law and Per­for­mance (think the­atrical per­for­mance in any of its broad pos­si­bil­ities) opens up a series of ques­tions that need to be ana­lyzed both in history and in theory.

Micro­lit­er­a­tures, 2

Issue 09 — Spring 2022
In this second installment of Micro­lit­er­a­tures: The Margins of the Law, Pro­fessor Patricia Dailey (English & Com­par­ative Lit­er­ature, Columbia Uni­versity) and her stu­dents join us for a common research.


Issue 08 — Fall 2021
Iberian Con­nec­tions vocation is to explore ways to do inno­v­ative research in our fields.

Inquisi­ciones durante COVID-19

Issue 05 — Spring 2020
Empiezo a con­struir este sitio web ded­icado a las últimas cinco semanas de clase sobre Inquisi­ciones el día 16 de marzo de 2020, a las 7h38 am.

Iberia, Mul­ti­cul­tur­alisms, and Mar­ginal Writing

Issue 02 — Fall 2019
Closely related to the graduate seminar Micro­lit­er­a­tures: In the Margins of the Law, this series of sem­inars (issue #2 of Iberian Con­nec­tions) con­venes spe­cialists from varied fields of inquiry whose lines of ques­tioning also con­verge in Iberia.

Micro­lit­er­a­tures: In the Margins of the Law

Issue 01 — Fall 2019
This graduate seminar is devoted to the study of texts and images engaging with legal thinking in the margins of legal and non legal man­u­scripts and printed books from the Middle Ages and the Early Modern period. Along with primary sources including legal cod­i­fi­cation, car­tog­ra­phers, or legal com­men­taries, we are going to read theory and schol­arship, engaging with works by the fol­lowing authors: Michel Fou­cault, Judith Butler, Adriana Cavarero, Steven L.