Announcements and events from Iberian Connections and other related seminars and groups.

Iberian Con­nec­tions 8.3 | Republics of Difference

Karen Graubart, Uni­versity of Notre Dame and Institute for Advanced Studies (Princeton) will be in dia­logue with Brais Lamela (Yale) about her work on the Cercado and ques­tions of pol­itics, race, law in a walled space of over­lapping jurisdictions.

Iberian Con­nec­tions 8.2 | Health and Healing

In this session Nicole Parisina Basile (Columbia) will be in dia­logue with the editors and the con­trib­utors for the volume Health and Healing in the Early Modern Iberian World: A Gen­dered Per­spective (2021).

Workshop and message

Our Yale Workshop for Theory and Con­tem­porary Critical Thought con­tinues its activ­ities during this pan­demic world of COVID-19.