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The Cresques Project — Juan Ceva

Issue 01 — Fall 2019 — Session 03
Micro­lit­er­a­tures: In the Margins of the Law
Published on September 11, 2019
From the home page of the website: ABOUT THIS PROJECT: In 2009 I read the work of Ramon Pujades “Les cartes por­tolanes: la rep­re­sentació medieval d’una mar solcada,”((In Catalan, with English text ‘Por­tolan charts: the medieval rep­re­sen­tation of a ploughed sea’, Barcelona: Institut Car­togràfic de Catalunya; Institut d’Es­tudis Catalans; Institut Europeu de la Mediter­rània; Lunwerg, 2007. [With a DVD fea­turing the charts and selec­tions of the atlases cited.] ISBN: 10: 8497854144.