Nathalie Miraval (Yale) will conduct the second session of Iberian Con­nec­tions 7 (Con­tem­porary Pasts), under the title “Radical Uncer­tainties: Afro-Latin American Studies in the Era of BLM.” She will engage in a con­ver­sation with some of the most inter­esting thinkers in the field. Miguel Valerio (Wash­ington Uni­versity, Saint Louis; see here his reading list), Lexie Cook (Columbia; here is her reading list), Larissa Brewer-García (Uni­versity of Chicago; see here her reading list), and Benita Sampedro Vizcaya (Hofstra; see here her reading list), with a special written par­tic­i­pation by Cécile Fromont (Yale; see here her reading list).

Our guests are also proposing some position papers, in prepa­ration for their inter­vention. Miguel Valerio has sub­mitted his position paper on “Radical Blackness”, and Larissa Brewer-García has sub­mitted a dis­cussion of “The Pasts, Presents, and Futures of Colonial Afro-Latin American Studies”. Lexie Cook wrote about “Phantom Africa: The Topos of Silent Trade.”

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