I would like to announce that the Issue 7 of Iberian Con­nec­tions is now online. The general theme for this year is Con­tem­porary pasts.

Issue 7.1, con­ducted by Karina López (Yale), engages the voices of Chad Leahy (Denver), Nicholas Jones (Bucknell), and Rachel Stein(Tulane) to discuss “Radical Pre­sen­tisms: Putting the Early Modern to Work.” It gathers some of the pre­lim­inary mate­rials for the meeting taking place on Sep­tember 17th 2020 at 5:00pm. You will also receive an invi­tazoom very soon.

Our guests are preparing mate­rials and ideas for us to discuss and think with them. Nicholas Jones has pre­pared a reading list, plus a short paper on “Black/Early/Iberia”. Rachel Stein, likewise, has sug­gested her own reading list, as well as a paper out­lining her ideas “Imag­ining a Col­lec­tivist Human­ities”. We will be including more mate­rials before, and probably after, Sep­tember 17th.

Please, do not hes­itate to send us your ideas and inter­ven­tions. We will be happy to publish them as part of this important con­ver­sation. If you do, make sure you include ALL of the following:

  • Title (about 4 words)
  • Sub­title (no more than 8 words)
  • Abstract (150 words maximum)
  • Main text (1500 words maximum)
  • Bib­li­og­raphy of works cited (MLA or Chicago)
  • Five Key­words

You can also send videos, pod­casts, or any other mate­rials. Do not hes­itate to contact me at jesus.​velasco@​yale.​edu with any question you may have.