We will be focusing on Mai­monides’s ded­i­cation and intro­duction to his own work (until page 65 of the sug­gested edition). The ded­i­cation estab­lishes the main reason and the con­di­tions of pos­si­bility of the work itself, while the intro­duction lays out the main con­cepts that will establish heuristic and hermeneu­tical rules, as well as the pos­sible dis­tri­b­ution and under­standing of the work itself. The edition I am attaching is the fol­lowing one:

  • Maimónides. Guía de per­plejos. Ed. David Gonzalo Maeso. Madrid: Trotta, 2015.

You can also consult the fol­lowing English trans­lation, with a rich intro­duction and notes:

Pedro de Toledo pro­duced a Spanish trans­lation of the text in the fif­teenth century, in 1419 (parts 1 and 2, trans­lated in Zafra) and 1432 (part 3, trans­lated in Sevilla), for the library and studium of Gómez Suárez de Figueroa, Lord of Zafra. It’s extant in one single man­u­script now held at the Bib­lioteca Nacional de España, Madrid (MSS/10289). Have a look at the first pages of the man­u­script and the tran­scription. We will pay some attention to that during the seminar. I gave an idea about this text in my article “La pro­ducción del margen” (also attached as a pdf).