We will be reading from Baldissera’s more recent critical edition:

Bald­issera, Andrea. “La Exhortación de la Paz di Diego de Valera (edi­zione critica).” Guerra e pace nel pen­siero del Rinasci­mento. Flo­rence: Cesati, 2005: 467–491.

There is a pre­vious edition of the text that you can also use:

Penna, Mario. Pro­sistas Españoles del Siglo XV. Madrid: Atlas (BAE, 116), 1959: 77–87.

The links point to the digital repro­duction of the two extant man­u­scripts of this work, both held at the National Library of Spain, in Madrid. For further infor­mation, another link points to the Philo­Biblon entry. Focus on how the man­u­scripts present the dif­ferent levels of reading, the­o­rization, and mar­ginal annotations.