In this session Nicole Parisina Basile (Columbia) will be in dia­logue with the editors and the con­trib­utors for the volume Health and Healing in the Early Modern Iberian World: A Gen­dered Per­spective (2021). This dia­logue will entail a critical approach to the ques­tions of popular med­icine and the trans­mission of medical knowledge, in the under­standing that such critical approach needs to take into account a cri­tique of how History and Cul­tural Studies deal with gender studies in the Early Modern period.

Mar­garet Boyle (Bowdoin), one of the editors, gives an account of the project. Emily Colbert Cairns (Salve Regina U) addresses the question of public breast­feeding. Patricia Manning (U of Kansas) con­nects Jesuitic ideas of health and Huarte de San Juan’s work. Pain, the uterus, and Carmelite culture are the focus for Barbara Mujica’s (Georgetown U) con­tri­bution. Sarah Owens (College of Charleston) gets into the healing cab­inets of Are­quipa con­vents, to explore what med­icine was in this envi­ronment. Karen Stolley (Emory U) explores the local and the global by focusing on medical prac­tices in the 18th century.

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