S J Pearce pub­lished this article on March 1st, 2019. Com­bining her expertise in Near Eastern Studies, Iberian poetry, and con­tem­porary pol­itics, Pearce offers a reading on how the far-right used medieval Iberian thinkers and poets.

Ibn Naghrila was, in many ways, the archetype of a certain class of Jews living in medieval Spain: a native speaker of Arabic and Spanish, well-educated and well-read, reli­giously devout, respected by his core­li­gionists. He was a civil servant working at the highest levels of a gov­ernment led by a Muslim emir, to whom he dis­played loyalty even as he came under attack by other Arab and Muslim political interests. He also wrote a brand of secular poetry dealing with every­thing from love to the highs and horrors of war and laments over a Jerusalem that was, during that period, in many ways seen as off-limits to Jews.”